Using the Catalog

You can view the whole catalog by clicking the banner at the top, or click one of three categories to narrow your choice down - Wizard School House Wands, TwoPiece Wands, or One-Piece Wands. Clicking an individual wand will take you to the details about that wand - magical properties, length, etc, as well as a link to order now.

If you want the shape of one wand, and the wood of another, email me for a price quote, as both are factors in the pricing of the wand.

Happy shopping, and remember, the wand chooses the wizard.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wizard School House Wands

Amethyst and Maple - $45.00

Citrine and Purpleheart - $45.00

Citrine and Yellowheart - $55.00

Emerald and Walnut - $45.00

Emerald and Rosewood $55.00

Fire Opal and Cherry - $45.00

Ruby and Ambrosia Maple - $45.00

Ruby and Holly - $55

Sapphire and Walnut - $45.00

Sapphire and Yellowheart - $55


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